Mads Mikkelsen 50


As most of you know, Mads Mikkelsen loves sports. He celebrated his 50th birthday in style playing ping pong with Danish superstar Michael Maze and tennis with former tennis pro and TV celebrity Frederik Fetterlein. Oh, and actor friend Ulrich Thomsen tweeted a painting!

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Maze smadrede Mads

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Maze In trouble

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Top kamp i Karlslunde

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Twitter going bananas over Mads at Fan Expo Canada


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Mads Mikkelsen and horses


“Mads is a special one. They don’t come in dozens, those kinds of actors. First of all, he has an incredible honesty in the way that he works — in approach and the way he expresses his physicality. [There’s] a hunger of doing well. You have wonderful actors in the history of cinema, but some of them lose their hunger. When they lose their hunger, they start repeating themselves. He’s so aware of not repeating himself, of bringing something new. Of all of the actors we had on set, he was the best horse rider, but he’s still the man who spent four hours every morning practicing. He set the bar very high, which is a big thing to the director.”
— Kristian Levring

[Photo from the set of King Arthur]

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