Special Moments

Mads Mikkelsen winning the Cannes Award:

Mads Mikkelsen honoured at European Film Awards 2011 by Stellan Skarsgård:

15 thoughts on “Special Moments

  1. After seeing The Hunt and A Royal Affair I couldn`t help crying, I was so moved. Thank you Mr. Mikkelsen, you are a great actor! And I am also glad that you are happily married for such a long time. You are a great example for other people. My husband is a famous person too, and I know it is not always easy for the family to bear all this attention. Good luck and expect to see more great movies with you! Continue being picky in selecting movies, it pays off! 🙂

    • Lady,
      you’ve picked the same words I would have told Mads, too.
      So, thank you.
      And Mads Mikkelsen, congratulations on your performances. You personlize the characters almost perfectly.
      Wish you the best.

  2. I’m super stoked to see the website keeping up with recent Madsventures. I feel like I’ve seen so many Danish movies lately I have a strange feeling I can speak Danish(definitely not). Congrats on the Hunt and Hannibal(I just can’t choose a favorite moment, maybe that hidden smirk. Or watching Frankin annoy the good Doctor), Mads, you really are a wonderful actor and it’s like an awesome Christmas gift finding all these new movies and shows that are just one after another amazing. I can’t wait to keep following your work. Thanks!

  3. I’ve just discovered you, Mr. Mikkelsen, thanks to your participation in Hannibal. You’re absolutely great!!!! Sure I will continue to check for other movies where you have been working in. God Bless You.

  4. Mads Mikkelsen you blow my mind as Hannibal Lecter. I was completely against anyone but Hopkins playing the role, and yet you have left me completely mesmerized and also perturbed (which Hopkins didn’t quite manage). You are a superb actor. Now I must watch every movie you have ever made. Best wishes to you and thank you for your fine craftsmanship.

  5. fantastic actor he deserves the awards he got and so much more ,fantastic in Hannibal and in the other films he did Valhalla rising, Michael Kohlhaas , thats to name just 2 of them, but way to go and heres to many more awards to come fantastic love him

  6. Your role as Hannibal Lector was absolutely fantastic!! Yes, I suffer from Post traumatic stress syndrome, yet I watch all three seasons of Hannibal. I wish they would “finish” the series. I have now explored other movies related to the Hannibal series. My son and I went to the grocery store, while looking at the meat, there was a Meat Item that looked just like night before segment on Hannibal. He turned green. I am now a dedicated fan of yours.

  7. I have been a fan since Hannibal season 1. I must admit that I had doubts beforehand after seeing Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal. Mads’ portrayal of Hannibal was second to none – the acting was superb and had me sympathising with the character. I have since seen most of his other films and interviews and I believe that he is the most talented and versatile actor and genuinely nice person that I have had the pleasure of watching in the past decade. My particular favourite moment is in Hannibal in season 3, at the dinner table with Bedelia and Anthony Dimmond – his mischevious expression when asked, ‘is it that kind of party?’. Also, superb acting in Royal Affair (don’t like watching the ending). In all the interviews I’ve watched, he comes across as a sincere, hard-working and genuinely nice person who is happy to help the interviewer by answering professional and personal questions meaningfully. I honestly wish him all the very best in his future career which I believe will be long, fulfilling and successful. Love him. Hope he can attend this year’s Red Dragon Con in London in October (fingers crossed) x

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