XTB’s TV ad starring Mads Mikkelsen


Joshua Raymond, Chief Marketing Officer at FCA regulated Forex brokerage XTB Ltd today was delighted to share the firm’s new TV advert with brand ambassador Mads Mikkelsen, star of Hannibal and Casino Royale as well as forthcoming films Dr Strange and Star Wars Rogue One. The campaign is titled “I trade. I love it.”

In the new spot, Mads Mikkelsen embraces the unique experience of trading the global financial markets through XTB’s trading platform. Throughout his journey, we witness the challenges Mads and thousands of other traders face on a daily basis: from attempting to control a wide spectrum of emotions throughout the trading process, to analysing and gathering insights, and developing solid risk management strategies whilst constantly learning, pushing and improving himself with the aim of becoming a disciplined and better trader.

Read more about the campaign here.

The Fight starring Mads Mikkelsen

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Award-winning Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen, stars in this action-packed short film collaboration with BoConcept. In The Fight, Mads is paid a visit by two BoConcept Interior Designers, but what they find when they arrive on his doorstep is perhaps not quite what they were expecting. he Fight is BoConcept’s third short film collaboration with Mads Mikkelsen and aims to show the swiftness and expertise of BoConcept’s Interior Design service with a humorous twist. Directed by Dejan Cukic.

Read more about Mads and the film on http://www.boconcept.com

The Guest starring Mads Mikkelsen and Dejan Cukic


Mads Mikkelsen show off his comedy talent in The Guest. Mads’ role completely ignores the beautiful women bustling around – but why? Please share and comment.

‘I am playing the sad furniture nerd that enjoys pushing buttons and playing with extendable tables,’ says Mads Mikkelsen, ‘and it took some time rehearsing to make the timing right.’

See the first film in the BoConcept series The Call also starring Mads Mikkelsen: http://goo.gl/DfvRd1

Filmed in Spain in the home of BoConcept Designer Morten Georgsen

Director: Dejan Cukic

Technical Director: Thomas Busk

Producer: The company film.

The Call starring Mads Mikkelsen



Watch star actor Mads Mikkelsen unfold his talent in The Call. Mads’ irresistibly charming role rehearses lines with his beautiful co-star, but suddenly the mood changes. Please share.

The ad is directed by Mads’ old friend and colleague, Dejan Cukic.