60 Minutes on ‘Doctor Strange’


Matt Zoller Seitz on rogerebert.com:

“I should also confess that Mikkelsen’s performance was far and away my favorite here. The character has drawn some flak for being another underwhelming Marvel bad guy, but I saw him more as a glorified henchman doing the bidding of an amorphous demon-face that remains unseen until the movie’s climax; as such, he’s almost exactly what he should be, and often much more. As he demonstrated repeatedly in the films of Nicolas Winding Refn and in three seasons of Bryan Fuller’s TV series “Hannibal,” Mikkelsen is a master at being in on the joke while still delivering every line with imagination and feeling. He never condescends to his characters or to the audience, yet he’s often knowing and wry, even arch, a mix of performance traits that’s often hard to combine with any success. The peak of his performance is the scene where Strange trusses him up in some kind of medieval bondage suit, and he delivers a passionate monologue about his master’s glorious integrity, the Ancient One’s hypocrisy, and the fate of the universe, tears spilling over his circa 1970 David Bowie pansexual guyliner. He’s majestic: Pagliacci and Dr. Frank N. Furter in the body of a metrosexual Dane. “