The Oscar buzz for Mads continues

The Reel Breakdown on Yahoo:

Danish actor Mikkelsen does double duty at TIFF ’12. In “The Hunt,” he portrays a kindly kindergarten teacher who’s been accused by one of his students of exposing himself, and his close-knit rural community unravels with accusations false and true. In the historical romance “A Royal Affair,” he plays a German doctor who charms the crazy king and beds the queen. He won best-actor honors at Cannes this year for “The Hunt,” and he was honored at Telluride along with Marion Cotillard who gives a great performance in “Rust & Bone.” Mikkelsen, 46, is a cross between Viggo Mortensen and Ciaran Hinds — intellectual, physical, sexy. I’m calling a best-actor nomination for Mikkelsen now. Think of it this way: This time last year, I couldn’t pronounce “Jean Dujardin” (of “The Artist”), much less spell his name. What a difference a year can make.